Staff Members

Faustina Palmatier

Executive Director

Originally from Myaungmya-Yangon, Burma. Faustina Palmatier serves as the Program Coordinator for the Karen Society of Buffalo (KSB), as well as a part-time interpreter. Following several years of volunteer work with KSB, Faustina was hired into a new Program Coordinator position in 2020 to bring needed administrative capacity, help to plan programming, oversee program participant recruitment, conduct home visits with families, coordinate transportation, assist in building processes and procedures for KSB, implement evaluative measures and reporting, build collaborations, oversee special projects, and strategize with the Board. Faustina has a Master's of Social Work from the University at Buffalo. Prior to that, she earned a Diploma in Liberal Arts and Science-Humanities from Erie Community College, a Master in Education from the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines, and a Bachelor in Education from the Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary in Burma.
Since arriving in the United States, she has worked as a Teacher’s Aide (Buffalo Public Schools), a Community Educator (International Institute of Buffalo), and an Interpreter, as well as many internships and volunteer roles. She also has experience working in Jericho Road Community Health Center’s Behavioral Health team, conducting screenings, education, and referrals with Burmese, Karen, and other diverse patients. Faustina has gained a lot of experience while working for and amongst her community for the past 12 years. She has volunteered countless hours to assist her fellow community members with reading mail, filling out forms, giving directions, taking people to appointments, providing interpretation, and helping to learn and navigate our country’s many systems (DSS, schools, court, hospitals, counseling, DMV, insurance, taxes, voting, citizenship), organizing events, and leading in her community. Her personal mission is to help people who are in need of help; she is especially passionate about addressing mental health issues and promoting mental well-being.

Lin Naing

Senior Case Manager

Lin Naing is a medical caseworker at Karen Society of Buffalo, where he helps with making sure the organization is running smoothly. He helps with different utility needs and the needs of the building as well as supporting the different needs of clients. He helps clients schedule appointments and complete paperwork for food stamps, Medicaid, USCIS, SSI, and DSS services. Lin attended Moulnein University for 5 years and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor's in Geography. After attending university he worked at the Bangkok Refugee Center for 3 years. During this time he helped support the refugee department by taking part in home and hospital visits. Then in 2009 Lin attended IIB for community liaison until 2011. Lin then took time to work at the Burmese Community Support Center from 2013 to 2015 before starting at KSB In 2016.

Thaw Yee

Youth Program Manager

Htee Ler

Youth Program

Ko Meh

Youth Program

Stephanie Smith

Organizational Development & Grantwriting Consultant

Stephanie is the co-founder and principal consultant for Smith, Nadbrzuch, & Associates. She grew up in Pittsburgh and is a graduate of Houghton College. She moved to Buffalo specifically to work with the refugee population. She worked with Jericho Road for 8 years, including serving as their Executive Director. She now works independently, utilizing her operations, communications and development experience as a consultant with a variety of WNY nonprofits. She started working with KSB in 2018, and has been an integral part of our organization's growth.