Safety & Security Tips While Online

Understanding Online Risks & Safety Tips For You

There are many risks involved but there is no need to panic. Simple basic steps can help you easily protect yourself. Errors caused by human ignorance contribute to almost 95% of all successful cyber attacks and therefore, if you follow safe practices, it can help protect yourself from such attacks.

Safe Practices While Browsing The Internet

Browsers such as Google Chrome help us access websites that contain information and services. However, there are various frauds that cause threats for serious losses to unsuspecting users. Therefore, it is important to understand some safe practices while browsing the internet. The following video explains some of the fundamental steps to take for your safety.

Safe Practices While Using Email

Emails are a very common and important medium of communication and therefore one of the most targeted platforms by attackers. With advancements in its sophistication, attackers find many ways to trick unsuspecting users. Therefore, it is important to remain cautious and understand some of the basic safety practices while you are using emails. The following video introduces you to some of the basic safety practices to help you protect yourself when using emails.

Safe Practices On Your Smartphone

Smartphones are a compact version of computers that provides most of the functions provided by computers. Today, smartphones have become a part and parcel of our lives to the extent that we have become very much reliant on them. Therefore, it is important to understand that it is equally important for us to be aware of safety and security tips while using them.

The following video is a quick introduction to ways of staying safe on your smartphone.

Safe Practices While Using Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way people socialize. Today, you have a large number of people connected virtually and there are various security and privacy concerns. It is important to understand these risks and bais safety measures associated.

The following video will give a quick explanation about safe practices while using social media.

Protecting Your Computer

Computer devices are important devices that contain data and personal information. Therefore, it is a very helpful skill to be able to keep your device protected. There are physical and other means of keeping the computer protected.

The following video introduces some of the basic steps to remember for keeping your computer protected.

All information regarding "Safety & Security Tips" is provided by Yeshi Paljor in association with UB Associate Professor Dr. Adrienne Decker.