Other Activities Online

How To Use Amazon?

Today everyone buys their things online and the largest online retailer is Amazon. In the video below you will learn how to order items of Amazon.

How To Book A Flight?

Today most bookings take place online. The following video takes you through the process of booking a flight ticket online with JetBlue airlines. This will give an understanding of how online ticketing can be done by yourself. While this is a specific example, it will be a similar process to book other airlines as well. There are many booking sites such as Expedia.com, tripadvisor.com, etc. where you can book flight tickets from multiple airlines.

How To Pay Your Bills Online?

Online payments consist of various types of bill payments, such as utility bills, subscription bills, fees, credits, etc. One of the safest ways to make an online payment is through your bank's billing services. Most banks these days provide a bill payment service such as the one shown in the video below from Bank of America.

How To Use Job Searching Applications?

Searching for jobs and applying for one takes important skills such as networking and experience. Today, most employers are accessible online, and searching for jobs, applying for jobs has become much easier and more competitive, Therefore, it is an important skill to be able to search and apply for jobs online.

Although it would be the most reliable way to apply for jobs directly through the websites of employers, it is wiser to use job search platforms such as Indeed, SimplyHired, etc. Such Apps publish job openings from thousands of employers which can be filtered on the basis of location, skill, etc., to refine the listing as per your need.

The following video is an example of how to use one of the most popular job search apps, Indeed. If you understand the concept of using this app, it can help you understand how to use similar apps such as SimplyHired.

How To Build A Resume?

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